Concerto Budapest
Symphony Orchestra

I have been working with the orchestra since its foundation, with less to greater extent. The image of the orchestra has changed a lot over the years, as have the tasks and purposes. Publications, advertisements, booklets available at concerts, and many other graphical surfaces throughout the season had, and must be designed in line with the orchestra’s overall image. Over the years, a special brand has been developed for thematic events: The Listening Day, Beethoven-Days, Mozart-Day, and Ligeti Ensemble Orchestra.


 Concerto Budapest, 19/20

Concerto Budapest, 2016–18

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Liszt Academy, W52 decoration

Liszt Academy

I was responsible for the design of the earlier image of the Academy of Music and also the graphic materials before its renovation. Regardless of these, it was an exciting task to design the interior decoration system of the new building of the institution, and to get to know the history of Hungarian musical culture throughout my work. I am currently designing custom CD-artworks, books for the university, and editing concert publications.

Liszt Academy, W52 decoration

Liszt Academy, W52 familytree

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Musica Sciencia

Music Publisher

This publisher is one of the most original publishers in Hungary, dealing with the publication of classical music-themed books and sheet music. In 2012, we started working with the then editor-in-chief to renew the publisher’s publication structure. We have designed books and book series that meet the needs of today.


Project name

Jozsef Eötvös

Our working relationship started with the graphic design of the annual International Guitar Festival and Competition, which has been expanded with the Summer Balaton Guitar Festival over the years. We are currently working on the release of the Eötvös József CD-series.


József Eötvös CD collection

Bartók X

Peter Sarik trio

I designed multiple CD-releases of the jazz pianist, Peter Sarik. His albums of classical music transcripts are an exciting fusion of jazz and classical music. We depicted this exact world on the graphics of the plates. The series continually is evolving, with preparations for the next album still underway.

KOGART Exhibition

KOGART Art Foundation

Kogart and I worked together for 5 years on the graphic design of the exhibitions organized by the foundation. This was sometimes simply throughout the design-process of posters and brochures, but sometimes I was also actively involved in the design of the exhibition space. For instance; Palace Garden – Budapest, Kogart Gallery – Tihany, Tornyi Exhibition Hall – Hódmezővásárhely, Sopronbánhida and Kogart House Budapest. I also actively participated in the planning of international exhibitions in places such as: Buenos Aires, Shanghai, Krakow, Macao, Berlin.

Hírös Agóra, Kecskemét City

We have been in close working relations with the city of Kecskemét and its cultural life for many years. I design the graphic materials of the festivals and other diverse series of events. Kodály Festival, Kecskemét Spring and Winter Festival, Hungarian Folk meetings.

Kecskemét Spring Festival